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Along with balls, Emmylou also has an obsession with hats. She can spot someone wearing a hat from a great distance. According to Emmylou our elderly neighbor who lives across the street must be named “hat.” The first few encounters we had with her, she was outside working in her flower gardens and subsequently was wearing a hat. Now everytime Emmylou sees her, she starts patting the top of her head (the sign for hat) and says “hat” over and over again.

Poor Joseph. All he wants to do is watch the elephants perform their tricks at the zoo, but Emmylou will have none of that. After all, the elephants are not playing with balls nor are they wearing hats.

Oh no, she spotted me – her most unhealthy obession is with her mother. Fun’s over now.

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  • EGG's Dad - Hmmm, I wish it were that she only obsessed upon “spotting” her mother. Home alone with her father also causes her great concern!ReplyCancel

Emmylou spent this weekend at her Aunt Birdie and Uncle Cat’s house along with their four children. She attended Mass with them and even learned to make the sign of the cross. That child is either going to be extremely confused or very well rounded. We will have to wait to see how that turns out.

As their family was eating lunch today, the following conversation took place:

Emmylou: “All done.”
Aunt Birdie: “Please eat another bite of carrots.”
Emmylou: “All done.” (as she wipes a hand across her eyes)
Aunt Birdie: “Are you sleepy?”
Emmylou: “Yes.”
Aunt Birdie: “Would you like to take a rest?”
Emmylou: “Rest.” (pause, thinking) “Upstairs, please.”

If you have not already figured out, her bed is located upstairs at her Aunt Birdie’s house. Birdie wiped her clean, carried her upstairs, and placed her in bed to rest. And that was that.

But still no walking.

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Some of you can disregard this post as you received the info via email.

Emmylou went to the zoo for the first time a few weeks ago. She loves being with her people, and it was fun to share the experience with them. While she appreciated seeing all the animals that we have been talking about and learning the signs and sounds for, there was a common theme to the visit that had nothing to do with the animals themselves. No matter how impressive the creature was that we were trying to point out to her, she would scan the pin area with extreme concentration then finally a smile would take over her face as she excitedly pointed at ONE THING EVERY TIME…….yelling over and over……BALL, BALL, BALL, BALL! So that is what we will remember about her first trip to the zoo; her obsession with the different balls the animals had to play with, lions included.

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It just so happened that Daddy was playing around with our new camera when the critter decided to stand up for the first time! Quite a momentous occasion for a 17-month old. Who knows maybe now she is on schedule to walk before she turns 2. I wouldn’t bet on it though, as she has yet to stand again after numerous successful attempts yesterday. This very well may be a once in a lifetime sighting, so enjoy.

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  • Robin - It is that large cranium (inherited from her father) that is holding our little fragile flower back! Way to go Emmylou – you made Aunt Birdie cackle so loud it scared CAT.ReplyCancel

  • EGG's Dad - Hey, I resemble that remark!ReplyCancel