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I have been blogging off and on since 2009, and somewhere along the way I outgrew the name “Adventures in Serendipity.” It just doesn’t represent the goals of my writing and photography anymore, but I have struggled to find an identity that really fits. Oh, I have collected quotes and phrases, as I always do, and many of them speak to my soul and represent a piece of me, but none of them captured the entire picture.

For instance:
long obedience in the same direction (Eugene Peterson)
walking each other home (Ram Dass)
life together (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
live simply, love deeply
that I may know Him
patches of godlight (C.S. Lewis)
restoring shalom

And while each phrase connected with me in its own powerful way, they seemed like individual blog posts at best instead of an actual title for my work. So, I have struggled to find consistency in my writing without a vision to pursue or an anchor to hold me steady. That is, until I read these words written by Harriet Michael which are based on the feeding of the five thousand found in John 6. Then I wrote a bit about them here. But I just couldn’t shake them as they continued to shake me. Gathered fragments. At first, I thought they just represented my abundance project, but now I am haunted by how accurately they capture the essence of all my work. That nothing may be lost. The cry of my heart. The longing of my soul. The calling of my talents. This is my desire for my gifts, this place, and our time together – to gather the fragments of our…

ordinary days
childhood memories
collected words
cherished books
inspired sermons
unspoken affections
broken lives
shattered dreams
abundant blessings
tragic stories
triumphant glories
lost loved ones
restored relationships
precious friendships
painful pasts
hopeful futures
shared connections
forgotten legacies

Our souls groan with the entirety of creation to be put back together in the manner the Creator first designed. And the only way I know how to be whole until He comes again is to gather all the fragments together. Yours. And mine. As we join together to demonstrate to the world what God’s new heaven will be like. As we continue to participate in His work of renewal. Gathered fragments. Ready and waiting. For His final healing and triumph over the broken pieces of this world. That nothing may be lost. His kingdom come. Now. And forevermore.

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  • Tara - Simply beautiful. I look forward to following you on your journey. Knowing you is a blessing.ReplyCancel

    • mistygarrison@att.net - Thanks so much, friend. Did you notice that I included links to the lists of some of my favorite books?!?! You will have to be on the desktop version to access it from the top menu under READS.ReplyCancel

Abundance is…

…new mercies from the Father found in 1st grade hand-writing.
…a little girl who knows just where to leave her love for her broken mama to find.
…the quiet stillness of early morning.
…a warm cuppa & forgiveness for daily failures.
…tubes of blistex in every corner of the house.

“To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.” ~unknown

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“I am pieces of quotes
From my favorite books
Stitched together by
Song lyrics
And I am glued together by
Midnight conversations
And the sweet taste of coffee
And I have the tendency
To fall apart suddenly

And I need you to somehow
Be okay with this
Because I am created by
The souls who are brave enough
To gather all my tattered pieces
And put me back together

And oh God how I would love to be whole again”


I shared the poem that is my manifesto for 40 here, but this one is the confession of the state of my being. Who I am underneath it all. And I hope you will be brave enough…

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Abundance is…

…little hands cradling a tiny chick.
…growing big girl feathers.
…the promise of new beginnings.
…beauty for ashes.

And, speaking of new beginnings, fresh changes are on the horizon for the ole bloggity – including a new platform, look, and name. I am in the midst of a class that is helping me implement some much needed updates, so I will be slowly rolling out the changes over the next few weeks. So excited for this next chapter in my photography and writing “career” which will hopefully lead to the next steps in reaching some personal goals: to begin some new projects and to actually submit my work to places like Deeply Rooted Magazine, Incourage, or Seeing the Everyday.

“No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow.” ~ Proverb

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