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We ventured to a new park today over by Lake Hefner. Apparently our delicate flower does not take too kindly to the heat, because this was the theme of our visit.

We tried the horsey, the spinning thingys, the car, and even swinging with Daddy. All to no avail. Nothing but concern, fussing, and unhappiness.

Then we found the abacus.

Daddy and his mini-me worked a few differential equations.

Happiness, at last.

Go figure. Literally.

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In order to achieve my beloved bokeh from the earlier post, I had played with the settings of the new camera. And let’s just say that I know just enough to be dangerous. With that in mind, today’s photos from the park were a little overexposed, or too light. This means I had the perfect opportunity to play with my friend Photoshop to try to create something AWESOME from not so great photos. Alas, the options are endless, and having OCD means decision making is not my forte. So, I decided to put the results to vote. Just type your favorite in the comments section, and I will announce the winning photo later this week.

Having said all that. I love, love, love the way the sun is shining on Isabel’s hair as she reaches for another piece of bread to feed the water fowl. Not to mention the groovy sun spots made their appearance in the shot. All the actions I ran on the shots come from Pioneer Woman (and they’re free).

SOOC (straight out of camera):

Seventies (right decade for the subject):

Colorized (kinda close to Seventies, but different – might be my favorite, if I could decide):

Old West:


Boost with Jessica Sprague Grunge Photo Mask:

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  • EGG's Dad - I like the colorized, a little more color than the 70’s.

    Oh, photographer requests recognition…ReplyCancel

  • EGG's Dad - Old west a very close second…ReplyCancel

  • g-ma - i like the colorized, grandpa likes the old west.ReplyCancel

  • rachel - how did I JUST NOW find out about this blog???? I’m trying SO hard not to be offended…

    I Love Love Love a million times Love PW! hahaha Now I have a fellow-PW-lover!

    I like the last one best. I forgot its name. What kind of lens are you using? are you a canon or a nikon? I’m about to buy a new lens next week.. =) and I’m excited.ReplyCancel

  • Misty - To Rachel,
    At this moment, I am looking at an email sent on June 25th introducing the famiy blog which has your address in the bcc line. You were definitely not slighted on my end. Maybe I have the wrong address or somethin’. So glad to have somebody reading this blasted thing that will actually get my PW references. May we all grow up to be like Pee Dub.ReplyCancel

  • EGG's Dad - Pee Dub…

    You little gansta you.ReplyCancel

  • Misty - Oh, yeah. I forgot to answer your questions. Nikon D90. These photos taken with Nikkor 18-105mm. Scribble photos taken and bokeh achieved with Nikkor 50mm 1.8 (similar to Pee Dub’s favorite the Nikkor 50mm 1.4). From what I have read, the 1.4 is “faster” and more expensive. Would have been nice since I had to chunk half the photos with blurry hands from Emmylou flailing about…ReplyCancel

Two of my favorite things about summer are the freckles that come out to play on the Thoendel children’s faces and the lazy mornings with endless possibilities. I was blessed with both this weekend.

I just love these photos of the pretty Thoendel girls and their freckles, because they are so real. We had just woken them up to get ready to go the park to feed the ducks, and their beauty was in your face – disheveled, unkempt, raw and perfect. The shots even captured some of their individual spirits – Lauren, posing and precious; Isabel, refusing to pose but with a look that makes you wonder what could possibly be going through her head. Lauren in precise focus; Isabel just a little fuzzy.

This is how I will always remember them, freckles and all.

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To celebrate Emmylou turning 18 months old yesterday, we decided to buy something fun for her. Considering that she still refuses to walk independently, all toys requiring that skill were out. Instead we focused on what she is good at….talking, signing, and “reading” her books and flashcards. What comes next, but writing – or scribbling as we like to call it around here. So far, she has just been using my colored pencils and any other writing utensils she can get her hands on. But to be honest, I am tired of her eating the lead out of my mechanical pencils (kidding, I think). With that in mind, it was determined to be the perfect opportunity to get Emmylou her own scribbling paraphernalia.

At first, it did not go well. She was back to her old tricks.

Then she decided that since she couldn’t be trusted, perhaps Mommy should do it instead.

Now, she is getting the hang of things. They fit so nicely in her little hands.

We are having fun now! Kinda makes you want to go color something, huh?

The concentration of an engineer, or is it an English teacher, or perhaps both.

And for all you Pioneer Woman fans or just plain photography freaks out there – eat your bokeh heart out on the next few shots. I confess that I am addicted. Have I told you that I love the new camera Steven got me for Mother’s Day, not to mention the miracle of Photoshop? As Emmylou would happily say, “AWESOME!”

Enough said.

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Now if somebody would just point me toward the cure, I would be much obliged.

Excerpt taken from On Becoming Pre-Toddler Wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Buckman (By the way, I added the words in italics just in case you don’t figure it out):

It is important to enjoy your relationship with you pre-toddler, but you must find the right balance between playing with your child and becoming a source of entertainment for her. If you find that your child clings to you, refuses to go to Dad or her siblings, and cries when you leave the room, it is likely she has too much playtime with Mom. She is over attached! {Really, you don’t say?!?!} Not over attached relationally speaking but over attached to being amused by you. {Of course she is, I am really amusing.} Be purposeful to schedule time for your pre-toddler to spend time with each member of the family. {Easier said than done considering most of the family members are 1 ½ hours away and Daddy is at work all day, but I get what you’re sayin’}.

By the way, I am setting up a schedule for you people to start spending more time with the critter, so get on a plane, a train or an automobile – I don’t care, just get over here at your specified time. Much appreciated, thanks. And pick up that movie on your way, please.

I would like to go on record by confessing that I have resorted to allowing the following activities in order to survive some of our more harrowing moments during the day. Judge me, if you must – I can take it. You wanna know why all the judgment in the world can’t touch me?

Because, in this case, I actually left the room to put away laundry without the precious one letting out a blood-curdling scream that would make even the toughest, most seasoned Navy Seal fear imminent death. And yes, I would also like to admit that prior to actually having children I used to say that I would NEVER (famous last words and there are more where that came from) let my child do this:

You will be happy to know that after both Emmylou and I cried our way through folding laundry just this past Sunday morning, things have gotten much better on the over attached to Mommy front. Perhaps, she just doesn’t find me amusing anymore (no, that can’t be it). Or the baby boot camp I instituted is finally having an affect. Not really. Let’s just rejoice and be grateful while we have the chance.

I feel that I must include the following disclaimer regarding the contents of this message. I love being a mommy. I love being Emmylou’s mommy. I love staying home to raise my critter and run our household. I just have my limit on how much I can take how she chooses to express her love for me.

Fast foward 10+ years and instead of her screaming when I leave the room, she can’t stand to be in the same room with me. Say it isn’t so. On second thought, is there really any such thing as over attached? Not in my book, and I should know because I’m the one writing it.

Even if it turns out to be real….nevermind about the cure.

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I see Eebel reading to me!

As the youngest of my sister’s four children, there are certain things that a person can count on from Isabel Ann (aka Eebel). She is definitely the free spirit of the family. I am convinced that I could Photoshop her into a picture from Woodstock, and she would fit right in. She is a gifted artist. Give that child a pipe cleaner, construction paper, glue, scissors, etc. and she will, without fail, create a masterpiece. We don’t always understand her creations, because she is far too advanced in that category for any of us.

She has always been our little “old soul.” We have to be careful what she is allowed to watch simply because “she gets it” and sometimes the sadness is just too much for her to handle.

She is also an amazing helper. Whenever her mother or grandma are in the kitchen cooking something, you know that Eebel will be sitting on the counter giving assistance in any way possible. That helping attitude has definitely translated into how she plays with Emmylou. She is always eager to read a book, or allow herself to become a human walker as Emmylou holds tightly to the back of her shirt and walks all over the house. To which, Eebel can be heard saying, “Hey, I am not a toy!”

Oh, but yes you are, and you love it.

Man, I love that kid, too.

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  • Uncle ChaCha - I see Gracie sitting next to me playing itouch and looking at “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”. Can anyone explain that song to me?

    I am Brown Bear…correct?ReplyCancel

  • EGG's Dad - I like it, Misty for some reason can’t seem to stand it any more than 45 seconds…

    Brown bear, yes, in most instances. This time though it’s the name of a book!ReplyCancel

Not a day goes by in my life as Emmylou’s Mommy without something happening that takes my breath away and makes me pause to allow my heart a chance to recover from the overwhelming joy. I am usually overcome by the little things, a fleeting moment that is over before the camera can capture it. I try to take snapshots with my heart, but lest I forget these moments I decided to start making a list of all the things about this crazy ride that I wish I could bottle and keep forever.

Some of those moments include:
1. bunny in a headlock as she sleeps
2. how she cracks herself up when she “tells a joke”
3. listening to the sound of Emmylou telling stories and singing songs when she first wakes up in the morning
4. her hand on my chin to turn my face back toward her while we snuggle in her rocking chair before bed
5. the smell of baby breath
6. how she cannot help but start dancing whenever she hears music
7. leaning in for a kiss
8. the sound of her saying the word “pasta” and how she grimaces, strains and makes her voice sound rough when she says “heaby” (heavy)
9. how she starts chanting “french fry” whenever we go through a drive-thru window or when she sees a paper sack (any paper sack)
10. the feel of her hand resting on my arm or in my hand while we cuddle on the couch watching “Jack” or “Baby”

To be continued……

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