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Emmylou loves the rain. Maybe a little too much. She has been known to throw a pretty good hissyfit because she wants to go out to play in the rain. I usually do not mind obliging her interest in the rain when it is sprinkling. I mean, who doesn’t like singing a little tune while taking a leisurely stroll in the midst of a gentle rain? But this child does not discriminate and wants to go outside even when it is thundering, lightning and comin’ a toad strangler.

I suppose I should be glad that she is not scared of the storms considering that we live in Oklahoma, but it can make enjoying the rain from the comfort of my couch a bit of a challenge.

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  • EGG's Dad - I likes them crazy curls!!!ReplyCancel

  • Robin - We should teach her about a little thing called lightning! I guess we don’t have to worry for a while..no chance that she is the tallest thing standing just yet! :)ReplyCancel

  • Uncle ChaCha - I think she will need to teach Nicholas and Grace what rain is…ReplyCancel

I mean, the new computer.

The new computer that Steven bought me for our 13th anniversary (along with a new lens for the camera, but it has not arrived in the mail yet). I know, I hear all the women gasping as if he broke the cardinal rule of gift-giving and bought me a toaster, or a crock pot, or a vacuum cleaner. But in this case, my dear ladies, you would be sadly mistaken. Because this beauty can zip; she can zing; why she even makes my heart sing.

I must confess that when she first arrived, I was a bit skeptical. Okay, that is putting it mildly. I had an OCD breakdown trying to figure out where a piece of machinery that large was going to live in our new down-sized life. I had visions of the 80’s supercomputers that had their own buildings to reside in. I even considered contacting NASA or whoever it is that is in charge of the “planets” and asking them if we could stake our claim on Pluto (now that it has been demoted), because surely something this gargantuan requires its own solar system.

But then I turned her on for the first time, and much like my daughter and the cozy coupe, I was hooked. She is so fast that sometimes it disturbs me. You see, I was used to reading chapters of War and Peace while I waited for the old computer to perform the various tasks that I required of it. Now in the instant that I click the mouse – pictures are processed and uploaded, documents are opened, and websites are accessed. This thing even shuts down upon command, and she doesn’t sound like a small plane taking off. SCARY.

Sometimes when I see the old computer sitting there all forlorn and being eclipsed by her replacement with the shiny blue lights, I almost feel bad for turning on her so quickly.

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  • EGG's Dad - See there, the old adage still applies: Never judge a book by it enormous cover!ReplyCancel

Emmylou made a new friend while waiting for her cousin, Joshua’s birthday party to begin a few weeks ago. She was introduced to the Cozy Coupe for the first time in her life. Admittedly, the relationship started a little slow with her refusing to get inside but instead being satisfied with simply touching the hood. But after she got behind the wheel for the first time, she was hooked.

She occupied the next few hours of her life climbing in and out of the car – again and again and again. As I watched her interaction with the car, I couldn’t help but think that we could be in some serious trouble in a few years.

Does anyone else hear the intro to Ice, Ice, Baby when you look at her laid back “cruisin'” posture?

And while there was much joy…

…the relationship was not without its hardships.

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  • Aunt Charla - Thank you for showing these pics! She is so beautiful and I am proud to say I am Emmylou’s Aunt. We had such a good time with all of you! Hope we can get together again soon…
    Love, CharlaReplyCancel

Root Beer.

This is the current cast of characters living on the counter of our laundry room. Yes, they are all different. Yes, they are all empty. And yes, there is a notebook somewhere containing the ratings of each and every one (and they say I have OCD). If you don’t believe me, there is facebook proof in the form of a dialogue between Steven and our oldest nephew, Nicholas as they compare notes on their root beer preferences (not to mention countless text messages).

As of now, Steven’s original, all-time favorite – Henry Weinhard’s – is still holding strong. But, who knows? With Pops just a few miles away, he is able to replenish his supplies with an endless variety of root beers. The quest continues to find the ultimate.

Call it a science experiment. Call it a hobby. I just call it quintessential Steven Garrison.

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This is the little boy who “helped” his Daddy fix that special guitar. As you can tell, there is not an ornery bone in his body. Beware of the eyes; they will charm you.

He shared his special day with Scooby Doo.

His Mama, Charla (Steven’s sister), decorated the cake herself. It was her first time to do such a thing. She did an awesome job, don’t ya think?

Meemaw helped. She was given the task of decorating Scooby’s “backside.”

Oh, to be excited about the candles on your cake being lit. Most of the people I know are more concerned with the location of the fire extinguisher (no offense, Cha Cha – but you were the first one to reach 40).

For the record, the adults in the house chose to eat from Scooby’s “front side.” Not for the reasons you are thinking of, but instead, because this little guy was blowing with GUSTO!

And, of course, I could not resist a little Scooby bokeh.

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!

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In rushing, rising riv’lets. Over the past few days, we have had some nice, steady, cuddle up on the couch and read a book, rainfalls.

The following pictures of rain and hail are actually from a few weeks ago, but they served my purpose to get you in a rainy day kinda mood. (By the way – does anyone else know how disturbing it is to turn on the TV to check for severe weather and see Mike Morgan pointing his camera to a land mark only a mile away from your home?)

I reported to my husband (who was hard at work) my intentions to head to the couch with my book, and possibly a cup of coffee, while the rain was still falling and the critter was still sleeping. In his jealousy and bitterness, as I can figure out no other reason why he would do such a thing, he proceeded to remind me how I used to spend such fabulous days. Actually, he said that he shouldn’t say it but he was going to say it anyway.

Sitting on the front porch.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen. That constitutes spousal abuse if I have anything to say about it. There I was, minding my own business – content as could be in our new life here in the little duplex. And, WHAM – he pulls out the big guns on me and dares to mention my beloved, peaceful, sonnet inspiring front porch at the big house.

So, in honor of the downward spiral that followed, I tortured myself further by looking up all the photos that I took prior to our departure from said residence.

Here is a taste of my despair. And, shame on you, Steven Garrison.

Just so you know, I am reconsidering the Cajun Meatloaf and sinful Mashed Potatoes that I had planned for your dinner. Two can play at that game.

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