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Please disregard the grease monkey Mama in her frumpy pj’s in the background. I gave specific instructions to Daddy that I was NOT to be in the frame. It’s so hard to get good help these days.

Suddenly she is not a baby anymore. I am equal parts relieved that she is FINALLY walking and sad that she is getting so big.

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  • Robin - I knew the road that we were headed towards, having experienced it myself. Walking is good and necessary of course but to say goodbye to crawling is so, well, it makes my heart hurt. Bittersweet is the only way to describe it.
    Good for you sissy lala. Hard for Aunt Birdie. See you soon.ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Charla - So proud of this milestone finally being met, although she did beat Joshua! He was 20 months when he took his first steps! Way to go with that girl power!! Things are definately going to change from here on out!!
    Can’t wait to see in person…ReplyCancel

Experimenting with the camera and Photoshop again. I need help. Is there a group for poor people like me? Perhaps it is called PPA {Photography – Photoshop Anonymous}. Please call my sponsor. I can’t remove my hands from the keyboard long enough to dial the number.

Pee Dub’s Seventies and Quick Edge Burn Action:
She is mysterious and maybe even a little fierce. She will take the world by storm some day – for certain she has already conquered my heart.

Pee Dub’s Seventies and Natasha Whiteley’s Vignette Me Darker Action:
She is sooo sweet. The crooked chin is from Mama; the lashes are her Daddy’s.

Retro Action:
Toes by Birdie.

Retro Action:
Toes by Birdie too.

Pee Dub’s Old West and Boost Action:
She sleeps just like her Mama.

Pee Dub’s B&W Beauty and Bring Out the Eyes and Natasha Whitely’s Vignette Action:
She is so precious it hurts {picture from 1st birthday party}.

Come to think of it, perhaps my group should be called PPPWA {PcubedWA for short}. As you can tell by all the actions I run on my photos, I need to add Pioneer Woman to the list of my current addictions.

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…she actually walked! And because I might not believe it myself except that I saw it with my own eyes, here is the proof. I know some of you may still be skeptical, thinking that perhaps I produced these shots in Photoshop. Know this, I am not that good {yet}.

Apparently, she has been waiting for the proper venue to take those first steps. A makeshift dance floor. Shame on me. Bad Mama – I should have known this.

Steady now.

And she’s off!

Hip action kinda reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld or maybe Uncle CAT.


Now, she’s just showing off.

And yes, she is pleased with herself.

About time, critter!!

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Those of you who have been keeping up may already be able to guess where the pants went. They were ditched after her morning frolic in the rain. Then she dug out the patent leather shoes. And considering they are all the rage this season, I went with it.

For the record, we do not normally allow critter to pilfer through her dresser drawers. But she needed just the right bow to accessorize her new look. And so, I went with it.

So many choices can be paralyzing for the little OCD in training.

Red received much consideration. I was afraid she might be taking too much of a risk combining the red bow with pink shirt, considering her already flashy shoe choice. But I was prepared to go with it. {Please note that as she was tossing each bow out of the drawer, she was calling out the names of colors – not the correct ones, mind you, but still colors}.

I thought the beret was a nice touch. Good thing we weren’t planning an outside activity as her head may have melted off in this heat wave {the beret is wool, by the way}.

And then these babies caught her eye. Oh, the possibilities.

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  • Robin - I LOVE IT! The real break through will be when you ALLOW her to leave the house dressed as she has CHOSEN to dress….we will see….ReplyCancel

  • EGG's Dad - She doesn’t let me get away with it, I don’t see Emmylou getting away with it either…ReplyCancel

There. I said it. I love living in Edmond, and I am actually kinda sad that it is only a temporary assignment while we wait for Steven’s job transfer to actually happen. You know what’s coming next….a list of all the reasons why Edmond rocks – followed by a few pictures from today’s bokeh experiment at The Farmer’s Market.

In no particular order:

1.An awesome sense of community including fabulous people everywhere you go in town.
2. Running into college friends while shopping at the mall or eating at
3. Steve’s Ribs – enough said.
4. Chicken Fried Steak at the Chuck House.
5. Old Chicago (are you beginning to see a pattern here?).
6. And my new all-time favorite restaurant. Drum roll, please. Fish City Grill. The food is delish, the service friendly, and the atmosphere is nothing short of a divine little diner (I could hear the theme song to Cheers playing in my mind the entire time we were there). All you Edmondites must check it out. Put it on your calendar to go on the first Tuesday of every month, because they donate 15% of all the proceeds on that day to The Relay for Life. How cool is that? Good eats and giving cancer a swift kick in the tooshmabob.
7. Oh yeah, the flour tortillas at Ted’s are just a hop, skip and a jump away. Have I already used the word divine in this post? Oh well, it applies.
8. Come to think of it, I can be anywhere I want to go in 15 minutes or less.
9. The elderly couple who lives across the street.
10. The rolling hills, beautiful trees and lovely landscaping.
11. The Farmer’s Market (see pictures below).
12. Play dates with Lydia and Carter, not to mention spending time with their Mama.
13. Bridgeway Church – the people there really get it. They understand what it means to be the Body of Christ and are living their lives accordingly. They exist for Him, for one another, and for other people.
14. Heidi who cuts my hair – after months of struggling to grow out a bad haircut, this woman has miraculously brought me back to the land of actually liking my hair. Call her. Better yet, call me and I will give you her number as I am sure she does not want me posting her number on the world wide web. Ladies, you know how important it is to find a good hairdresser.
15. Hafer Park.
16. The little play area at Quail Springs Mall.
17. Talking to neighbors when we take walks around the neighborhood (admittedly this has been put on hold while it is soooo hot).
18. Swim lessons at the Y.
19. Music classes with Ginger at Kindermusik.
20. Have I mentioned the people? It bears repeating. The people make this place feel like home.

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I really don’t know which one looks more yummy – the juicy red and green tomatoes or the sparkly bokeh in the background. My mouth waters and my heart melts.

Green beans go retro – cool action, dontcha think?

More tomatoes – I had planned to get peaches, squash, cantelope, watermelons, etc. but my photography skills were being challenged by a baby on my hip. She’s such a good little helper.

The next three shots came from the same vendor – a mama and her two little boys were peddling their wares on a tastefully displayed table complete with burlap tablecloth, wooden crates, and little chalkboard signs. Classy bunch.

We actually purchased a bouquet of sunflowers, but I’ll save those pictures for another day.

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