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giants in the land.

Apparently writing every day can be hard. Like when this almost-40 body sees 4:30 on the alarm clock and just plain refuses to get up. Or when little sister stays home sick from preschool. Or when daddy gets home late from work. And big sister requires a lateish run to wally world for school paraphernalia. Never mind when that all happens in the same day. If nothing else this experience has been an exercise in grace (but really it has been so much more). And yet again, I digress. Back to the story at hand. And the giants in the land.

What would it take to give them faith to possess the land?
…freedom from 40 years of slavery
…walking through the Red Sea watching their enemies drown
…being guided by God in a cloud by day and a pillar of smoke by night
…shoes that never wear out
…water from a rock
…manna from heaven and then meat when they grumbled against the manna
…a promise
…and on and on and on

What would it take to give us faith to possess the land?
…20 acres & a farm house for the price of a luxury lot in town
the hawk & the peace
…another’s funding falling through
buying the land after losing the bid
the dream becoming the plan
…a promise
…and on and on and on

Miracle after miracle both in our hearts and in this story. And what turns a land flowing with milk and honey into a land of giants? Why suddenly was the perfect location for ministering both to the poor among us and the ones God would send to live with us on the farm now a dangerous place of uncertainty & a bad decision? Why had the money we saved in buying the land become too much for us to spend on a life there? Why did I now think that the God who had provided this land would not be able to provide a bridge to cross the creek and cottages for the least of these? And really, how could I turn the hawk into a grackle? And what about the feeling that I get every time I step foot on that property? Like it is mine and I belong there. I just need to truly possess it. By making it my dwelling.

Why do we see with the eyes of the 10 spies instead of the eyes of Caleb and Joshua? Perhaps because we are so focused on what lies before us instead of the God who stands beside us and the miracles He has performed behind us. It is a perspective thing. And we get to choose. Fear and doubt. Or faith and trust.

“Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome” (Numbers 13:30).

I want to be Caleb & Joshua, but what will help turn my fear into faith and my doubt into trust? This past month of writing. And you. But first, this place probably needs a name. Don’t ya think?

And, does anybody want to share about conquering their own giants or possessing their own land (whatever that may be in your life)? Or maybe your own wrestle with fear and doubt? Or your own walk in faith and trust?

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  • Tasha - Hum… I’d like to be creative and share, but I’m oh so sleepy as I read. I’m waiting on my hubby to finish a project related to getting the hot water to work in our shower that I had hoped would have been done 25 minutes ago. So, I’m sorry but there are no giants to share other than desiring sleep and trying to keep some self control at the delay in getting to bed. Since after all, I can’t brush my teeth with the water being turned off and all…ReplyCancel

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