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buying the farm, part 5.

The Monday morning after I lost the bid for the land, I called the auction company desperate for a loop hole. Or for the new owners to have changed their minds. Something. I even had this crazy idea that God had orchestrated them buying it, but that they didn’t know why. Only to realize later that He had them buy it for us. That is how much I believed. And, when I called I was actually a bit shocked (again) that the phone call did not reveal my ending to the story. Delusion and faith, it’s a fine line don’t you know.

For those of you not familiar with buying property at auction (because why would you be), the highest bidder owes ten percent down the day of the auction and then has 30 days after signing the paperwork to secure financing for the remaining balance. I smell loop hole. So, when I called on that Monday morning my actual question was what happens if the buyer does not get their financing in time. Cue the hallelujah chorus, baby. If the property is not closed in 30 days, they return to the list of names from the auction to see if anyone wants to buy it. Me, me, choose me. No really, I asked them to put my name on the top of the list.

And then a crisis of conscience. How could I spend the next 30 days praying that another family’s financing falls through? But how could I not? Oh, it was a struggle indeed. Kinda like that moment of silence in the morning when you are so thankful that the children are still sleeping and in the next breath you are in full panic mode and have planned their funeral because you are certain that they didn’t live through the night. And you rush down the hall to check on them only to stop short at the door because what if they really are just sleeping and you wake them up thus ruining your alone time which has now turned into crazy face mama time. What to do? What to do?

That hot mess of madness (not to mention the strife I have already shared here and here) was how I spent the months of October/November last year. Because you know I prayed for them to fail and carried the weight of guilt with me wherever I went.

And on day 30 having endured the pain of a promised unfulfilled, a belief unrealized and a life unlived and that wretched Anne & my guilt inducing prayers, I called the office yet again to see if the farm had closed. And, people, even after all of this a little part of me wanted her to say yes because then I would be free. Since Steven didn’t get me out of this, perhaps God would step in. And, of course, He did. He showed up and showed off as He is prone to do in all His magnificent power.

As soon I asked about the farm, the receptionist gave me the realtor’s name & number and encouraged me to call her right away. Hope was alive. And I was terrified. I know, I exhaust me too. Pray for my poor husband, bless him. So with sweaty palms and an expectant heart, I called the realtor. And got the automated text that she was in a meeting. Oh, the agony. And, I’m pretty sure that I heard God laughing. A few moments later she called me back and in the cryptic code that would not reveal the other party’s business, she informed me that it would not be a waste of my time to meet her and get an offer on paper. So, that’s what we did.

For the sake of the story and His glory, I really wanted our offer to be the original number that we had come up with in our prayers. But she had also told us that they would be contacting all the names on the auction list to see if they wanted to make an offer. Having lost it once we were prepared to go down swinging with everything we had, so we prayerfully reconsidered and offered the same amount as the winning bid. And then we waited. So thankful to be in the game again. Fighting for our dream while resting in God’s providence. And praying the prayer that never fails, “Your will be done.”

And after what seemed like forever, we got the call while we were waiting in the McDonald’s drive thru as we do more often than we should (little has a french fry addiction; its the crack in the salt). And, dear readers, we bought the farm!

Indescribable joy! And humble gratitude. Then a whirlwind 30 days of securing our own financing and insurance and all the not so glamorous stuff that goes into buying property. Followed by a closing in December and with it the start of a grand adventure. And it only took 6 months for the doubt to creep back in…

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