Misty Garrison » Gathered Fragments

feeding the birds

He’s completely smitten. She’s as loyal as the furry four-legged companion. And all together they take care of their feathered friends…

We did it, Eliza Jane…
Got the birds fed ahead of the rain
And the cold that it will send.
Sneaked out before grandma could mend
Our ways and make us walk
…the line with ‘proper’ talk
That our outside friends needn’t abide.
They’ll let those formalities ride…
With your Big Sis to school,
Where she’ll memorize the Golden Rule,
Tho not necessarily apply the Same
To ‘friends’ who are not so game
As well-intentioned she.
Now, you and I, at each other’s knee
Are learning our lessons, desired
To serve Our little friends, so frugally attired:
Some up to the feeder directly fly.
Others fail tho hard they try.
God made big hands to place the seed, just so,
And little ones to spill to the ground, below.
Both serve Him, and them, just as well
The cardinal and the dove can thankfully tell…
Of lessons learned, of precepts taught…
When God’s goodness is simply sought.
~ Grandpa Hughes
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