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{remembering haiti ~ the sound}

I shared here how Haiti messed me up, but I have never really told you all about my experiences there. Oh, I have sat down to write many times. But, where to start? How about the beginning? Perhaps. But I think that I may need to ease into it. Slowly. Like a hot bath after a grueling day. Or maybe training for a long run. Not always best just to jump in. Sounds. A simple list. That should do the trick. Get the memories flowing like the Mississippi, or more likely Niagara Falls. I just hope I don’t drown…

The sound of Haiti:

~ dogs barking

~ roosters crowing (blasted roosters crowing!)

~ generator buzzing

~ the swish of a broom on leaves & concrete

~ moto engines

~ the blaring of horns

~ the deafening music

~ the bump of a bus over rocks & holes in the road

~ the sing/song lilt of “bonjou” & “bonswa”

~ lam hitting a tin roof (heart attack city)

~ a call to eat; the clanging of a metal pan

~ the bounce of a ball on concrete or rocks & dirt

~ the crunch of gravel underfoot

~ babies crying; children laughing

~ the fall of steady rain in the afternoon

~ songs of praise lifted to heaven in English & Creole, together

~ the soft surf hitting the shore line

~ blanc!

~ loud music at a soccer game & cries of “Go get’em Eddie!”
(and whatever that word was the announcer kept saying over & over; I think it was bat, bat, bat, bat, bat, bat – clap in Creole)

~ the chorus of Haitian voices practicing English as it floats out the upstairs window & showers us working below

~ chatter over dishes

~ the squish of hands & clothes in soapy water

~ water whooshing down the “drain”

~ children singing (loudly); banging on tables

~ cold water hitting hot skin

~ the top popping off an ice cold coke, “psssh”

~ Mama Blanc’s smooth, “smoker” voice yelling “Ti Baker, where are your clothes?”

~ the laughter & sobbing of new friends sharing about their day

~ hearts changing (yes, you can hear it)

~ horrible Russian accents

~ “teach me how to dougie”

God help me, I miss Haiti… God help me, I miss my friends…

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