Misty Garrison » Gathered Fragments

a moment so beautiful it hurts your heart…

And takes your breath away. And ushers you into the throne room making you finally realize what Rob Bell meant when he said “Everything is spiritual.” The one where you want more than anything in the world just to hit the pause button. For. like. ever.

Because, for once, you didn’t make the bed right after getting out of it. And, for once, you scoffed at the to do list which is ever mocking you with its harsh black lines & unforgiving relentlessness. And, for the first time in a long time, you allowed yourself to just be. In the moment. And it captivated you. Threatened to crush you with it’s fierce splendor.

Pretty sure if you fast forward a few minutes that you will find yourself unraveling a bit, edgy, & slinging darts with your words at the tiniest of infractions. Because, as always, someone hit the play button most likely before you were ready. Because, as it always does, life happened. The other side of life. The other uglier moment. And really how could you go from there to here? Yet again. In His presence to quenching the spirit before the shutter even closed.

Where will you choose to remain? Which moment will you clothe yourself in? Me? I think I will settle here for a while and let the beauty burn me much like the Refiner’s fire. And cleanse me from my wickedness. And then, perhaps, I will take another little while to construct a memorial stone. Here. To remember what God has done for me. Lest I forget this gift when the unraveling returns. For me, it always returns. Like a long overdue letter that is two addresses behind. Or perhaps just a bad penny.

For her presence in this moment is no small occurrence. Nor mine. She is a gift. However hard at times, always a blessing. Not because I am worthy to receive it, but because He finds delight in us both. And in the giving of us, one to another.

And perhaps I will write upon that stone: “winsome.”

Pure joy, my friends. Always. In all things. Even the moments so unlovely it hurts your heart.

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  • Katy_Bug - Love moments like these! I had one of them yesterday with my little man. <3 Love this post!ReplyCancel

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