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she loves me…

And I love her. Deeply. And just in case you are wondering if you would be able to love an adopted child as your very own…

Yes. You can. While I am always aware of the fact that she is adopted and ever mindful of & grateful to the courageous, amazing woman who gave us this gift ~ she just doesn’t feel adopted. Not even sure I know what that is supposed to feel like. All I truly know is that she is my daughter for whom I would lay down my own life. God just chose a different miracle to bring her into our family.

It’s like my mind knows but at the same time my heart completely forgets. God does that. Quite possibly because when I look into her eyes, I am seeing the very heartbeat of God.

But what is an even more amazing gift to me is that she lets me love her. She lets me be her mama. Because in my mind I know that she doesn’t have to. And it completely overwhelms me. Hard for me to explain. And I realize it may not make sense to you because she is just a baby. But, when she looks at me and smiles with those knowing, wise eyes the color of the sky, it’s like she is giving me permission to be her mama. She is telling me that it is okay that I love her. That although she has suffered a most terrible loss, she accepts & even chooses me. Just as God chose her for us.

The miracle of adoption. The blessing of a child’s love. A most precious gift. From God. From her birth mom. And from her.

Please consider allowing a child to love & choose you as his/her mama or daddy. I highly recommend it. Nothing else on earth can compare. Nothing else has the power to tear your heart out & put it back together all in the same moment. Nothing else is as close to the Father’s heart.

I know two more mamas who, although their roads have been very different ~ longer & much harder fought, I am certain that they would agree. Right, Amy? Right, Jess?

In honor of their finalizations this week, let me just say to their children, “Welcome home, girls!”

Forever feels good ; ).

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