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A conversation between Emmylou and her Aunt Birdie

Emmylou spent this weekend at her Aunt Birdie and Uncle Cat’s house along with their four children. She attended Mass with them and even learned to make the sign of the cross. That child is either going to be extremely confused or very well rounded. We will have to wait to see how that turns out.

As their family was eating lunch today, the following conversation took place:

Emmylou: “All done.”
Aunt Birdie: “Please eat another bite of carrots.”
Emmylou: “All done.” (as she wipes a hand across her eyes)
Aunt Birdie: “Are you sleepy?”
Emmylou: “Yes.”
Aunt Birdie: “Would you like to take a rest?”
Emmylou: “Rest.” (pause, thinking) “Upstairs, please.”

If you have not already figured out, her bed is located upstairs at her Aunt Birdie’s house. Birdie wiped her clean, carried her upstairs, and placed her in bed to rest. And that was that.

But still no walking.

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